Homunculus Fossilback

Homunculus Fossilback

Homunculus Fossilback ... Or is it?!

Homunculus Fossilback is a mystery man, a sneak-thief and a desperado. He creeps in at night to steal the tasty scraps from your fridge, and to feast on curd-cheese.

"You blame it on someone, or the devil, but it is I, Homunculus Fossilback!" says he, with a pitiless laugh.

He is from behind his own ear, like a magician's shiny penny. You may meet him, but you will never know that it is he, Homunculus Fossilback!

He can be disguised as a beast, or a plant-matter, or a concept, even.

Homunculus Fossilback is against:

He hates them and counts them as an enemy. But he also respects them and is aroused by them.