Knuckledove vs. Chhesti

The White Monkey


Fortress 7 to Cardinal 5
Knuckledove lures a baby into the jaws of a tiger using a remote-controlled cupcake.
Peacock 11 to Grenadier 3
Chhesti is accidentally run over by an ambulance.
Grenadier 3 to Fortress 7
Knuckledove successfully impersonates an impressionist.
Carpenter 15 to Porcupine 9
Chhesti begins to drown and is resuscitated by his future wife.
Porcupine 9 takes Salamander 9
Knuckledove becomes fluent in Polish using only guess-work.
Peacock 11 takes Porcupine 9
Chhesti defecates into a Christmas cracker.