Kristkin vs. Livelspark

Geldikov's Finger


Elephant 3 to Supplicant 5
Kristkin encourages a man to confront his fear of mittens.
Supplicant 5 to Archer 2
Livelspark fries the world's largest fishcake.
Butcher 3 to Paladin 7
Kristkin changes the combination on a secret agent's briefcase.


Viper to Duke 5
Livelspark looks in disgust at the stains on a fat girl's napkin.


Duke 5 takes Paladin 7
Kristkin causes a woman to discover adoption papers in her parents' attic.
Viper to Butcher 3
Livelspark designs a skateboard for a one-legged man.
Butcher 3 to Empress 7.
Kristkin unpicks the badges from the arm of a sleeping boy scout.


Empress 7 takes Duke 5
Livelspark eats a hundred boiled eggs and joins the crew of a submarine.
Butcher 3 to Elephant 3
Kristkin reunites a shipwrecked sailor with his faithful poodle.