Rompelfortzen vs. Hibbitfiddle

Vigkindling's Neckerchief

First attack

Bosun 12 takes Astronomer 6
Rompelfortzen nails rollerskates to a rabbit's paws.
Machinist 14 to Bosun 12
Hibbitfiddle devalues the currency of Albania.
Bosun 12 takes Machinist 14
Romplefortzen spikes the punch at a school disco.


Silhouette 9 takes Bosun 12
Hibbitfiddle sneaks under the bed of a heart patient and bides his time.
Draughtsman 26 to Manta Ray 1
Rompelfortzen becomes uncomfortably enthusiastic during a conversation about shoes.
Manta Ray 1 to Fusilier 8
Hibbitfiddle rampages through the streets of Mousehole.
Fusilier 8 to Silhouette 9
Rompelfortzen accidentally coughs up a stolen diamond.
Manta Ray 1 to Draughtsman 26
Hibbitfiddle awakes from a ten year coma to find that his wife has recently remarried.