Saphogin vs. Kraplick Jnr

Lithuanian Defense

Corpus 11 to Surgeon 4
Saphogin heavily annotates a library copy of Death on the Nile with unhealthy desires.
Architect 1 to Corpus 11
Kraplick Jnr. punches a monk in the stomach then disappears into a fog.


Corpus 11 takes Architect 1
Saphogin breeds gerbils with demonic strength.
Flail 23 takes Corpus 11
Kraplick Jnr. changes the filling in a secretary's sandwich.
Lung 6 to Flail 23
Saphogin befriends a wild pony.
Flail 23 to Pomegranate 7
Kraplick Jnr. develops gills.
Pomegranate 7 takes Flail 23
Saphogin sends a Valentine's card to a lonely accordion player.